Is Alkaline Acid Diet Ideal for Kids

The alkaline acid diet is also known as pH diet. It is a diet in which the goal is to balance the pH levels. It’s been a popular subject these days that target people aging from 15 to older. But as the headline suggests, is it a really good diet for kids?

Everyone needs to maintain the normal levels of the body’s pH. Therefore, this kind of diet is certainly applicable to children. Those who can already eat normal foods, including hard ones, can be subjected to this form of nutritional diet.


Acid forming foodsImage Source: atspace

The difficulty about this matter is that 1 out of 10 of kids eat vegetables and fruits. It’s hard to make kids eat those kinds of foods these days. You have to wait until they’re in their teens. So it’s the parents’ job to make sure each of their children is consuming healthy foods. They have the control and power to motivate them, but it should be in a positive, good manner and not extremely forced.

Many of the kids’ favorites are acid forming foods. They prefer French fries, meatballs, hamburger, tacos, you name it. There’s only a tiny bit of alkaline in there. And in alkaline acid diet, there should be more alkaline than acid foods.

Too much acid in the body can cause many health issues. Kids are more vulnerable to certain diseases. So the introduction of alkaline acid diet to them is really ideal. It mainly concerns their health, as well as growth and development. They need to be strong, cancer-free, high immunity, and prepared for the future health wise.

Parents are encouraged to check the pH levels of their kids. You can buy over-the-counter pH strips or thermometer at any local store. Use either of that to measure the alkaline acid balance of each of your children. They should have at least 7.5 pH level as this is the normal range. If it’s lower, then you should really implement the alkaline acid diet, which is 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods.

Alkaline acid dietImage Source: hmetro

There are no side effects of the alkaline acid diet in children, or in adults. It’s totally safe as the advantage is to give health benefits. It helps you prevent certain diseases, including cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, and heart attack. Kids should be protected from any danger to their health.


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