Health Benefits of Alkaline Water that Will Amaze You!

A lot of people are comfortable with plain water. It’s the best liquid you can drink no matter what time and season it is. It’s the safest way to quench thirst and combat dehydration. But then you hear something about alkaline water. Don’t worry the questions people, like you, most commonly asked are answered below.
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So what is alkaline water?


This water, which is also known as ionized water, but not pi water, is a drinking water with a pH level of 7.1 or higher. You drink a glass of water with the hope to get improved pH levels. The human body fluids need to have balance or normal pH levels, which must be at least 7. Drinking alkaline water can help improve that. Otherwise, your system becomes acidic, and this isn’t good as it can make you more fragile to various ailments.

How alkaline water is produced?

Other than buying alkaline water, making your own is a great option. The only problem perhaps is the fact that it’s costly to buy equipment to use. You attach an “alkalizer” or water ionizer to your faucet to increase the pH level of the tap water. You may also use a distiller if for some case or circumstance that you do not want your main line of water to be alkalinized.

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Why alkaline is needed in the body?

Our body is always vulnerable to germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms that can cause us to get sick. We become more prone to certain diseases if our pH levels are low. By the way, when our body fluids have low pH levels, it means we are acidic. Once you are acidic, you have a higher chance of getting infected with one or more of the world’s common and deadly illnesses.

Alkaline acid diet, or ph balance diet, is the solution to maintain a balanced pH level. It primarily involves the consumption of alkaline foods and alkaline water.

Since water with alkaline has a greater pH level than plain water, it is a great choice to have. There must be no second thought about this. But what can probably encourage you are the benefits to the health.

What does alkaline water do to your body?

Alkaline ionized water does not only neutralize acidity in your bloodstream. It can also have an impact on other things that will eventually save your life, because you’ll get optimized health. Let me list down those benefits so we can discuss about it further.

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1. Cleansing Properties

Water alone is a cleansing solution. But alkaline water does more and quicker. It is able to cleanse some body organs, usually the colon. This is part of the body where most toxins are accumulated. Once alkanized water is in your system, it flushes away any harmful substances and other fecal materials. As a result, it helps improve digestion and metabolism, prevents constipation, diarrhea, and other stomach problems.

2. Antioxidant Features

One of the health benefits of alkaline water is that it provides antioxidants. These are important to block free radicals that cause early aging, cancer, and other serious conditions. The link between alkaline water and cancer is a big campaign by many companies and manufacturer that provide this kind of water and related equipment. This is something you must take seriously as well. But you can be sure that there’s no harm in drinking it since plain water is antioxidant.

3. Bone and Teeth Improvement

Alkaline diet in general can help improve and strengthen bones, as well as teeth. One of the minerals of alkaline is calcium, and this compound is influential to the density of bones. Likewise, it can help prevent tooth decay. Over time, it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, bone and cellular degeneration.

4. Better Physical Appearance

Antioxidants do not only work to cleanse the internal organs right? Now, you can agree with me that alkaline ionized water can also rejuvenate your skin and hair. It does not only avoid pre-mature aging, but also keep your skin youthful and glowing. As for the hair, it helps strengthen it to prevent loss, frizziness, and other common hair issues.

5. Weight Loss Aid

Last of health benefits of alkaline water is its ability to breakdown fatty compounds in food that you eat. This makes it easy to lose some pounds without any side effects. Besides, you can suppress your appetite if you drink enough water. But with the combined health properties of alkaline water and zero calories, there’s a better chance of losing weight much faster.

How much alkaline water to drink a day?

You must understand that you too much alkaline is not good either. The body still needs some acid, but only around 20%, whereas the remaining figure is for alkaline. What experts suggest is to drink alkaline water up to 2 liters per day.


Who can drink alkaline water?

Everybody can safely drink water with higher alkaline. Even the water used for a baby’s milk can be alkalinized. Every single person, regardless of the age, has interchangeable pH levels. They vary in a way that they increase or decrease. This is the reason why drinking alkaline water must be consistent, and not only for special occasions, or when you are frequently sick.

Alkaline water is a great solution to help optimize your health. This, aside from alkaline foods list must be your daily diet companion. It can greatly affect your health and overall appearance in the long run.

Alkaline water is just a portion of the alkaline diet. There’s more information that you may find essential. For more details go to Acid Alkaline Diet.


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