9 Important Stuff About Alkaline Diet – You’ll Be Shocked That You May be Acidic!!!

After college graduation, I started working right away. I always thought it’s just about the hectic schedules that made me stressed. Sometimes, moments at work were slightly boring, yet I still felt like heavy things carried on my shoulder. Little did I know that it’s more than that. There were actually many factors that gradually my health.

One time I was checking emails and something struck me, leading me to check it out. It’s an ad about Tony Robbins’ Alkaline Diet. There’s a phrase in it that really caught my attention. I had no idea who that person is or what alkaline diet is. But I knew I need to learn more about it, so I read more information. And to make this story short, I was indulged to try this diet.


Many things changed since I’ve been applying this form of healthy diet. Did I just say this diet healthy? Yes, that’s absolutely right!

I had been more disciplined with my food and drink consumption. I normally tend to gain weight like 2 to 3 pounds a month, and you know the math there – it’s not good! But thanks to this diet as I was able to control a good weight!

There’s no more problem trying to get asleep, too. I feel like I have more energy than ever, despite the loads of work.

When my friend told me about some minor health issues, but eventually she got more sickly, I introduced her to try the alkaline diet. It also worked for her! And yes, her doctor recommended it also. She had more energy, became more cheerful, and productive with her business.

You can also make this transition. Anyone can change their diet, but it’s always essential to choose a healthier option. Alkaline diet is a very healthy diet because it pertains to balanced pH levels.

What is alkaline diet? Why should you invest your time and money with this?

Alkaline Diet is not a new kind of diet, but many people have not yet heard or tried this. It is basically a healthy diet that primarily refers to the balance level of alkalinity and acidity in the body. To explain further, let’s breakdown the information into 7 points. That way it’s easy to understand the essence of an alkaline diet plan.

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1. Alkaline Diet Has Many Names

Do not be confused with some names of alkaline diet. You may think they are similar, but exactly and perfect the same diet that we’re talking about here. Trust me, I also got a bit confused about the names, thinking they’re different or sub-types, but it’s just all the same.

Among the famous nicknames are acid alkaline diet, alkaline acid diet, alkaline ash diet, and acid ash diet. Despite its different names, one thing is true – it is a diet that helps optimize your health.

2. Alkaline Diet Maintains the Body’s pH Balance

This kind of diet is based on the fact that certain foods are generally healthy, but must be able to improve the alkaline level of the body. This also means that the pH balance of the body’s fluids is affected. These bodily fluids are mainly blood and urine. Both of them must have balanced pH level, or else the body becomes more susceptible to diseases and infections. And by that, this diet is also termed as ph balance diet.

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The body’s pH level is considered balanced if it’s from 7.35 to 7.45. This is not considered a high level of alkaline, but is the most recommended to maintain. The most essential thing about alkaline based diet is that it defeats over-acidity, which will be explained much further in the next points. In other words, alkaline diet simply helps balance our body’s right pH level. Be sure that your pH level is not too low or higher than the balance. Remember this is not about high alkaline diet either.

3. Alkaline Diet Prevents Health Conditions

There are many benefits of alkaline diet. This is probably what people need to know. It will be a great encouragement for everybody, like you, especially those who have been having some health issues lately or more often than normal.

One of the alkaline diet benefits is that it combats high acidity in the body. This had been my problem that I never thought I had until I learned the difference between alkaline and acidity. Do you know what the more acidic you are the higher chance for you to suffer from various ailments? Other than being prone to illnesses, you easily feel more tired. The energy you have won’t be enough for the entire day. This can cause you to become less active or productive. While your health is on the brink over time, other aspects of your life, such as finances and relationships, may be affected as well. You’d feel more ill, and get easily irritated and that can bring some social issues.

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The other and most important advantage of this diet is that it’s able to prevent certain health issues. Some of these are chronic diseases, such as asthma, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Others are cancers, which include breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and ovarian cancer.

In fact, this is recommended to people with certain symptoms (if other illnesses have been ruled out) like the following:
• frequent headache
• lack of energy
• nasal congestion and/or excessive mucous production
• frequent colds with or without flu
• anxiety
• depression
• ovarian cysts
• benign breast cysts
• polycystic ovaries

4. Alkaline Diet Involves High Alkaline Foods

How would I know if I’m acidic or have enough alkaline level?

This is one of the common questions that most people ask. To have the accurate answer, it’s best that you consult a professional. In this case, it must be a physician. Once you find out that you are acidic, ask if an alkaline diet is good for you to try. In most cases, your doctor will give you the green signal. I also consult my personal doctor before trying this.

The main goal of this diet is to maintain the pH balance level of your bodily fluids. This happens if your diet has more alkaline foods. The amount of alkaline on your plate must be higher than acidity. You must not afford to eat too much acidic foods, but rather have alkaline foods. If you are not familiar of foods that have high alkalinity, you may need to keep a list of alkaline and acidic foods. This helps you recognize which foods to consume more often.

It also works if you choose alkaline water over the ordinary tap water you are drinking. This is the kind of water you must drink if you choose alkaline diet.

Alkaline Foodssexyslimfitnfab

Foods are basically grouped into two, which are alkaline and acidic foods. Both can be from different food groups. It means some vegetables are alkaline, and others are acidic. The same thing is with fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. This implies that not all vegetables and fruits are high in alkaline. You really have to know which ones are considered alkaline. That’s why it is greatly recommended to have an alkaline food chart so you can distinguish the different foods that you need to eat or reduce.

You have to understand that some foods are acidic in nature. However, when they are absorbed in the body they create an alkalizing effect. That is considered alkaline.

The obvious acidic foods are those made from animals. In fact, all traditional resources of protein are 99% acidic. You must stay away from those kinds of foods as much as possible. Instead, have legumes, lentils, and beans to get protein as they are alkaline producing foods.

5. Alkaline Diet is the Opposite of Standard American Diet

Alkaline diet and other related alkaline diets is totally different from Standard American Diet or SAD. The former is about consuming alkaline foods more than acidic, while the latter is the opposite. With the alkaline diet, the immune system is improved, energy is revitalized, stress is reduced or beaten, and most importantly, the pH balance is maintained.

6. Alkaline Diet has a Formula

The secret formula of this healthy diet is to eat at least 60 to 80% alkaline foods. The remaining percentage (20-40%) refers to acidic food consumption. That must be the statistic you keep in mind as you follow the alkaline diet. This should be applied on every meal that you take on a daily basis. It also means that you do not have to avoid acidic food. You still include some acidic foods on your plate but only less.

Furthermore, the pH levels of your body become more acidic in the morning. That’s why it’s pretty much significant to eat higher alkaline foods during your breakfast. And since the pH levels are interchangeable throughout the day, eating foods high in alkaline is still the best option. This can help you fight over-acidity in the long run.

7. Alkaline Diet is Inexpensive

If you have an alkaline foods list, you’d be surprised (in a good way) to find out the kinds of foods you will be eating. They are normally cheaper as most of them are composed of fruits and vegetables. These are cheap foods that you can even grow in your own backyard or little garden. There is absolutely nothing to lose if you stick to alkaline diet. This is another thing I’m proud of when I chose this healthier diet.

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8. Alkaline Diet Refrain You from the Consumption of Particular Foods and Drinks

As considered a healthy diet, it’s a common sense to know what you can and cannot eat. Because you want to be healthy and prevent getting ill, you only stick to the dos and avoid the don’ts. In this kind of diet, you are strongly advised to stay away from sugary foods, processed foods, alcohol, and other caffeinated drinks. Again, you must have a list of what to eat and drink to have a fair chance of following this diet properly.

9. Alkaline Diet is for Everyone

Children, including infants, and adults must have a well balanced diet. Unlike other diets, alkaline diet is safe for all ages. You can make a puree of carrots and spinach for your baby. Many vegetable-based cereals are already offered in boxes in grocery stores. But it’s much better if you make your own recipe. As for older kids, you can fry some kale and bake glazed carrot sticks with a glass of blended fruits.

Since it usually involves veggies, fruits, beans, and nuts, there is no harm of trying it. You and your family can absolutely have this kind of diet without worrying about side effects. Take note: The more it is recommended to a person who usually gets sick.

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Bear in mind that every food you eat does not always have an impact on your body right after digestion. It is an investment to eat alkaline foods. It may take a short or long time to balance your normal pH level depending on the foods you eat and how disciplined you are with this diet. That’s why consistency and patience are both key elements that help you succeed with the main objective of this diet. To add that, start eating foods that are high in alkaline and see for yourself after several weeks that you’d feel much better and healthier.

Alkaline diet is not expensive, but involves time. You have to be objective with this goal to help you get through it. For more tips and information click here.


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